The Diary-Series

This is a decent series of completely handmade books each of which makes a lovely diary for your day by day notes, for your dreams, for what happens in your garden through the course of the year, for all those wonderful stories about the early years of your daughters or sons.

The inside pages are made of delicate deckle-edge paper.

Every book's corners have been decorated and a ribbon page marker is attached to the book.

There are 144 pages in every book. A woodcut is printed directly from the block onto the third page. Matching the woodcut a fabric is chosen for the cover.

The Dragon-Series

A green Chinese dragon is resembling D. H. Lawrence's description " .. it is he who makes the wonders of the night!" in his book "Apocalypse", where he tells of the green dragon as being the life-bringer and vivifier.

Limited edition of 20 signed and numbered copies.


The Boat-Series

The blue sailing boat recalls your journeys be they long or short, whether they took you far away or just nearby. Printed on plain-white deckle-edge paper.

Limited edition of 28 signed and numbered copies.

The Horse-Series

with a two-colour woodcut of a happy horse enjoying himself

Limited edition of 28 signed and numbered copies.


Totally sold out is the "Lady-of-Whitby"-series with a three-colour woodcut showing a rose. It was printed in 2001 in a limited edition of 25 signed and numbered copies.

The Daffodil-Series

The daffodil has been printed from 4 separate blocks of wood and named "Yellow Beauty".

Limited edition of 28 signed and numbered copies.

If you wish to not only write into your diary but also stick in postcards or notes or cut-outs or whatever, have a look at my Collectingbooks. These can be used for drawing and painting, for sketches, calligraphy and ink drawings, they even can be used for scrapbooking.

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