Childrens' Rhymes and Jawbreakers

A selection from old German songs, rhymes and tounge twisters letterpress printed with linocut illustrations

Size 24x30 cm.

Eine Kuh die sa im Schwalbennest ...

(Look, in that swallow's nest there sits
a cow with seven little kids.
Enjoy they do their jubilee,
and start to fly and feel so free.
Over the roof of the house there goes,
the donkey with slippers on his hoves.
And if this was not all the truth,
I just have lied a bit at you.)

Morgens frh um sechs ...

(In the morning just at six,
comes around the little witch,
At seven just an hour later
she rubbs the carrots on the grater,
is it eight o'clock already,
the water boiled and tee is ready.

Fledermaus, du Kleine! ...

(Little bat so wee
I'm not afraid of thee.
 While you draw circles in a nightblue sky,
I dream bright dreams in that room of mine.
Little bat so wee,
I'm not afraid of thee.)

Ene mene Tintenfass ...
(Hey, ho inkpot,
go to school and learn a lot.
Hey ho sand-in-the-tin
who stays at home doesn't learn a thing)

Grau, grau Muschen ...

(Grey little mouse,
stay in your house,
if you dare my sandwich eat,
comes my cat and bites you dead,
grey little mouse,
stay in your house)

Es regnet, es regnet, ...

(Two versions of rain rhymes, an optimistic one and a pessimistic one:
It's raining, it's raining, it's raining all the way
and if it has had rained enough,
the rain will stay away.

It's raining, it's raining, it's raining night and day,
and if it has had rained enough,
it starts just straight away.)

Hinter Hermann Hannes Haus ...

Fischers Fritz fischt ...

(Fisherman's Fritz fishes fresh fish ...)


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