The Collectingbook

The visitors' book, diary, jubilee book, wedding book, traveller's book ...

The book you can use for writing, drawing, painting, sketching with pencil or ink, sticking in postcards and the like.

The book is sewn by hand with sewn in spacing strips that make it possible to stick in cards and any farely flat item. Portrait format of approx. 18x25 cm.

The pages are made from strong white drawing paper which can be used for any drawing and painting technique.

The covers are made from specially chosen fabric.

Each book is a unique compilation of cover, ribbon page marker, headband and endpaper. It is a one-off signed by the artist.

This is the book that collects them all: thoughts, fotos, sketches, the postcard of Ben Nevis in ful sunshine, drawings, ideas, travels' memories, recipes (ie. of Mint Sauce and Blood Pudding), poems, aphorisms, dried leaves and flowers, railway tickets, a menu of that little restaurant you went that special evening, a business card of that lovely quiet B&B in the middle of nowhere,  the words on the sticker in that little shop not far from Inverewe saying "Shoplifters will be shot and eaten", and so many more of these very special moments you would never remember if you had not noted them down.

The choice of papers



This paper is made in Italy. It is smooth and thick with a very soft yellowish shade of white. The sheet is produce with 2 deckle edges and a fine structure.

Velata off-white, 140 grams


A strong white paper distinctively structured and produced in Italy. Though it is a proper white it is not too bright thus making a very comfortable paper for universal use.

Neve, 140 grams

A strong white drawing paper well suited for a great variaty of techniques such as drawing, water colours, calligraphy and far more.

White&Even, 140 grams







A pure white paper with a structure of fine dots. This is a very straightforeward paper of an elegant yet modern character.

WhiteDot, 120 grams





A fine Italian writing paper with a soft yellow shade and good structure. I only got hold of a small amount which was a left-over at a colleague's and the paper is used up completely by now but there is still a small number of books on stock containing this paper.

Vergata, 90 grams

This paper is produced at a German paper mill. It is off-white to yellowish and laid. Being slightly thinner then the other papers its surface and structure is that of an old style paper.

Classic, 120 grams

A strong but soft paper of a worm off-white colour and a rough surface. This paper is not being produced any more. I have used up my stock but still a couple of the books on stock are made from this material.

Sympathicus, 140 grams





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