Who's afraid of the two sorts of 's'?

The play encourages to wonder what makes a line meaningful. what is the difference between just a scratch and a sign that carries information.

The writing we use inhandwriting and printing has evolved some 3.000 years ago. It is what experts call a phonetic writing using letters - and it has utterly and completely changed the world.


Play on historical type. 80 square cards show every character of the alphabeth and the matching pairs have to be found: same letter but different design.

The characters have been printed on greengray paper and mounted onto strong cardboard. All 80 cards are made completely by hand.

The label is - as are the cards - letterpress printed using metal type. The type used is Optima and Rekord-Antiqua and with the label a special two-colour printing scheme has been used.

The play is a numbered and signed limited edition. The numbers show both on the label and on the printed pairs table inside the box.

The play helps to re-discover the  old black letter characters and learn which one is which.

Good fun for all who love typography, font design and letterpress and who like to think about the impact the written word had and still has on the world we live in.

All parts of the play are packed together in a specially made box of beech wood, containing also a list showing the correct pairs and a second list saying which sort of metal type has been used.

Limited edition of 44 boxes
Printed in 2003

Euro 58,-

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