The Sketchbook

The book for your special journey or for your every day walks, for the course of the year in your garden, the book for noting down these little steps your child takes towards becoming a grown up.
To write, draw or paint whatever you want to keep.


Of course this is not just a sketchbook. Quite as well you can use it as visitors' book, diary, jubilee book, wedding book, traveller's book ...

You can use it for writing, drawing, painting wth water colours, sketching with pencil or ink ...

Portrait format of approx. 18x25 cm.

The pages are made from strong white drawing paper which can be used for any drawing and painting technique.

Each book is a unique compilation of cover, ribbon page marker, headband and endpaper. It is a one-off signed by the artist.



160 pages

Mediterranean Market

Blue and Grey stripes (Towel Linen) - fabric on stock

160 pages

Green Squares + Black Lines - fabric on stock

160 pages

Violett Wipes (African Batic)

160 pages

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