Aphorism books have an aphorism printed on page 3. It is a welcome to the reader and wants to accompany and inspire him.

All aphorism books are made completely by hand. They are handsewn and their covers are made from fine fabric.

These books are a wonderful company to the traveller - be it a real journey or a mental one. However, they will be perfect for noting down your dreams or all these miraculous moments in your garden or on those daily walks in the fields and woods not far from your home.

Aphorism books are being made in limited series of signed one-offs.

The Ingres deckle-edge paper is perfect for all dry drawing techniques such as pencil, charcoal, red chalk pastels and is a finely structured slightly rough writing paper.

Each aphorism is being hand composed from metal type and handprinted on a proofing press.

Aphorism books of the roses' series have pages from off-white watermarked Ingres deckle-edge paper. The roses' poem on page 3 is written by Angelus Silesius. A wooden box can be purchased with the book if desired.


Aphorism books of the 'Pilgrim'-series are a true companion for everybody on tour. They come with the taoistic saying "Der Weg ist das Ziel" (The road is the destination").

Their pages are made of Ingres deckle-edge paper in varying colours. They come in landscape format which makes them perfect for sketches outside in the countryside.



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