Aphorism Book Series 'Rose'

A rose poem is printed on page 3 handcomposed from metal type. The poem has been written by Angelus Silesius and praises the rose for its beauty and humility.

The series comprises of 20 one-offs each signed by the artist.


144 pages of fine watermarked Ingres deckle edge paper have been carefully sewn by hand. With ribon page marker. The books are portrait format of a size of approx. 17x25 cm.

Each book is a one-off signed by the artist. Additionally you can order a wooden box with sliding lid for your book.

Old Wallpaper Roses


Rose on White

Old School's Roses


Roses in Red

Yellow Roses

Yellow Rosetendrils

Brown Roses

Roses and Doves

White Roses on Blue

Roses and Tulips

Decent Roses

Golden Roses

Love's Roses

Roses on Grey


Rose Stripes

Little Roses on Yellow

Beige Roses

Wooden box available on request.

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