There is so much more freedom in books handcrafted.

Rather do they pop into existance, but take their time to grow into what they are suspected to become by their master. In turn they give long lasting joy.

Their pages might be from deckle edge paper, their covers from miraculous fabric, their size is not forced to follow any standards.

Bonefolder and scissors, bookbinder's needles and yarn: herewith books can be made that are special.

Card board and paper is cut by hand - sheet by sheet, piece by piece - measured with care.

Folding the sheets is the first step towards the handmade book. Folding results in sections that can be sewn after having spend some time in a bookbinder's press.

Sections are being sewn with thread and needle on a sewing frame where the bookblocks can pile up.

The handmade book is nearly ready. Only the cover has still to be made from strong card bord and a fabric suiting the book.

A beauty of its own: a handmade book with a cover made from a dreamlike fabric.

A book like this might become anything between ...

... an inspiring one-off ...

... and a true companion.


Books for keeping - in any case.

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