Books, cards and objects on these pages can be ordered. Overseas orders are special in a way as they might require specific shipping and postage varies considerably.

We are currently preparing to make overseas orders easier but this will still take some time.

Meanwhile there are a number of options you have if wishing to buy some of the paper's beauties shown on theses pages:



1. If you happen to be around drop in at the studio's:

Now this certainly is one of the best ways as you will find the whole lot of books and cards and prints in one place to choose from. Give me a ring or an email prior to coming to make sure I am in.



In the vicinity you'll find Stuttgart, the county's capital with Mercedes and Porsche, Ulm, with the famous Munster, not far away are the Swabian Mountains, Holzmaden with the museum of dinosaurs.


There is quite a bit of history around with old buildings in Schorndorf and Schw„bisch Gmnd and of course Ulm or even Schw„bisch Hall. In medieval times the great European emperor Barbarossa lived around here - unless he was staying in Italy.



2. Fairs

You will find the studio on artist's books fairs or arts and crafts markets where there'll be a choice of books and prints depending on the sort of fair. Find all venues on that special page:




3. Choose here and order via email

Goods on stock may be ordered via email. I'll check shipping costs to wherever you live and return a mail with all data so you'll be able to pay through your bank account - shipping goods as soon as your payment arrives.



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