My bandoneon books ar a special sort of concertina or accordion books. They are both gift and wrapping in one piece - the ribbon to make a bow is part of the book.
And of course they are completely handmade.

The very, very special thing about these bandoneon books is: every single one of them, no matter what size they are, has got its secret pocket! The wee ones will host in their pocket a voucher or a banknote, one size up there is a pocket just the size a CD-ROM or DVD needs to hide, and the large ones leave it even more to your choice.
Thus, bandoneon books are the perfect way to make your music, your fotos, your memories of that very special moment or holiday a wonderful and individually designed gift.

All pages are made from strong good quality paper and can be designed freely suiting your ideas and needs: with handwriting or calligraphy, with collage, with drawings and paintings, you can stick in fotos or dried flowers - be inspired!

Below you find all four sizes described in short - a click on the foto brings you there.

The Wee Ones

With a secret bag for Great Britain Pounds, your preferred sort of Dollars, Euros or any sort of voucher ...

Cover made from charming paper.

The ones for Bits 'n Bytes

With a bag to fit in a CD-ROM or a DVD presenting your holiday fotos, your music, your video, your computer game to that very special friend ...

Cover made from charming paper.

The Handsome

These bandoneon books are a 20 x 20 cm square and have a cover made from fabric. Each book is a one-off.

The Presenters

Made slightly bigger than A4 to give this size the perfect fit. Cover made from fabric.

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