CD/DVD-Bandoneon Books

Just fitting one of these very special disks carrying your music, your fotos, your video of that journey, wedding or jubelee ...

You can freely design all 12 or 16 pages, the ribbon to make that wonderful bow also secures the disk in its pocket. Covers are being made from selected papers from Asia or Italy or even handmade decorated papers. Size 14x14 cm.







Red Wave - Japanese Paper

Flowers on Stripes - Japanese Paper

Darkred Iris - Japanese Paper




Dragon - red-black

Florentine Flowers

Four Doves on Red




Pink Little Roses

Pink-Grey - Asia-Paper

Red Rhombus - Japanese Paper




Yin-Yang - Asia-Paper

Paste Paper - Red-Orange Waves

Little Cactustree




Cranes - blue-silver - Japanese Paper

Old Flowers on Blue

Cranes - blue-silver - Japanese Paper




Fountains of Colour - Japanese Paper

Japanese Umbrellas blue

Japan - blau-wei-rot




Blue Wave - Japanese Paper

Herrnhuter Paper blue (handmade)

Blue-Black-Silver - Handmade Decorated Paper





Stripes blue-anthrazite - Asia-Paper

Blue Wave - Japanese Paper





Green Flowers - Japanese Paper

Paste Paper green - sold out

Japanese - green-white-red




Arcades golden-green - sod out

Dragon - blue-green

Florentine Music




Japanese Cranes

Goldenbrown Ornaments - Japanese Paper

Japanese Cranes




Paste Paper - Red-Ochre Waves

Goldflowerborders - Asia Paper

Paste Paper - Red-Ochre Waves




Art-Noveau-Characters (Letterpress) - sold out

Arcades golden-grey

Commissioned work for the Blues musician Harry Hirsch (2005) - with 2 Pocket for one CD and DVD each.




Euro 15,00 plus shipping



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