The wee little ones - if your gift is a banknote or a voucher for this special occasion: be it the new driving licence, an invitation to the cinema or a candlelight-dinner.

You can design freely all 12 or 16 pages, the secret pocket is located in the front cover and closes with a flap. With ribbon for a bow. Size 8 x 8 cm





Blue Nepalese Flowers

Blue Wave

Cover made from Asiatic Paper

Black n' white Crystal


Black n' white Crystal



Japan - blue-white-red

Japanese Umbrellas blue



Stripes blue-anthrazite

Cranes blue-silver



Colourful Balls

Flowers on Stripes



Red Rhombus

Fountains of Colour




Japanese Bridges on Red

Glacier Paper green

Yellow Nepalese Flowers

Japan - green-white-red





Japan - red-green


Ornamental Rhombus

Ornamental Rhombus

Golden-Brown Ornaments

Ornamental Rhombus

Ornamental Rhombus





Cover from Italian Paper



Two Pigeons on blue

Old Flowers on Blue

Four Pigeons on Blue

Circle-Squares blue

Four pigeons on Green

Circle-Squares green

Rhombus-Tendrils green



Dragon green-blue

Florentine tendrils green



Tendrils on Red

Circle-Squares red




Dragon red-black





Cover from structured paper

silver & vblack


Green Lizard




Cover from handmade decorated paper

Herrnhuter Paper blue


Paste Paper green




Inner papes pink or lightblue

Japan Flower blue


Japan Flower pink

Florentine Music - lightblue

Pink Little Roses

Florentine Music - pink




Little Roses in Green -  pages in Pink



Santa on Grey

Treasure Keeper



Santa on Red

Santa on Green

Relief Prints of old blocks - printed on a handdriven proofing press - limited editions.

Newspaper's Reader





Initials printed from wood and metal type on a handdriven proofing press, limited editions.




Euro 8,00 plus shipping



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