Seasons come and seasons go.




In some years I might be making books or other objects of a special type or for a special purpose or on a certain subject in a limited number - seasonal works as to say. And like a squirrel during autumn you would have to be quick to get one as long as they are available.




These have been the seasons over the last years.





My Type - all my alphabets being printed in the course of the year

2011: Eat & Drink and Be Happy

A book for noting down your own collection of recipes comes in handy. If you love meeting in one of your friends' kitchen for cooking sessions or if you enjoy dining with friends you can take out your book and note down your own ideas or everybody else's cooking creations.

Brand new design and handling features Gourmand's Books in 2011

Many new covers with dessins related to food and cooking in the range of the Collecting Books.

2010: Bandoneonbooks

My bandoneon books ar a special sort of concertina or accordion books. They are both gift and wrapping in one piece - the ribbon to make a bow is part of the book.
And of course they are completely handmade. They come in four sizes and if you are looking for a special way of scrapbooking other than usual: this might be the book you will want.

2009: Travelling

Your traveller's books will give you most pleasure once they have gone old. Reading them will revitalize memories you might have thought had gone completely lost. They haven't: images will come up, fragrances of foreign countries will be in the air, the sounds of far away forests will swing in your ears.

You won't need any sort of electricity supply, they don't care about updates. They can be used worldwide, no Internet or firewall is needed. Drop them for more than 80cm/33inch, drop them again - they still work just like if nothing has happened. Easy start with any ordinary pencil.

2008: The Rose

In 2008 all books I made celebrated the rose - the queen of flowers:

the Poetical Books of Roses: 20 one-offs

The Collectingbooks "Rose": 20 one-offs

The Rose Poem Books: 20 one-offs




2007: Wine

This series dates back to 2007 but the 2011 season of Eat&Drink and be Happy saw a couple of new wine related bookcovers in the Collecting Books and Gourmand's Books.







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