Season 2011: Eat & Drink and Be Happy




A book for noting down your own collection of recipes comes in handy. If you love meeting in one of your friends' kitchen for cooking sessions or if you enjoy dining with friends you can take out your book and note down your own ideas or everybody else's cooking creations.




Be it that very special turkey for christmas, a venison stew or blood pudding, porridge, apple pie or cock-a-leekie, vegetarian or meat, fruit or fish, cooked, fried or backed: have the book that suits your taste or have several with covers that go with your cooking.



This is the book that collects all your recipes: the Collecting Book. No matter how the recipes come across your way just put them in this book. Be they cut-outs from a magazine: glue them in. Be they noted down by an old lady on the bus in the turkish mountains: glue the scribbled piece in. Your granny tells you how to cook it: note it down. Your friend sends you a recipe postcard from India: glue it in. Be they your own creations you dreamt of during the night: just note them down. This is the book that keeps them for you.



You could quite as well use your book as a combination of recipe book and visitor's book. Everybody coming for dinner will be asked to leave a note with another recipe. What a unique collection that would be and what a lovely way to keep memories.



The Gourmand's Books are special in that they have enlarged margins at the upper and foredge of the book. This is where you can fix your own strips to make an index suiting your needs and taste. And: these books come with two ribbon page markers.



Some of the Gourmand's Books are a slim portrait format with an extra large margin on the head of the book. The pages come in a size of 17x33cm giving space for extra long recipes.



These are the books you will want if your are into wine. You can glue in the wine label or business cards of the vineries or even little leaflets. And ypou can write down additional notes as to the wine or what it is preferably served with ...



You could, quite as well, have your book filled with recipes using wine: the wonderful fish in white wine or the chicken in red vine - delicious.



If you are into national cooking you might find your book within the Traveller's Books ...



... and if you are a fan of special ingredients you will want to choose from the Culinary Books.



There are even books for coffee lovers.



all the Gourmand's Books

all the Culinary Books

the complete Range of Collecting Books


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