Season 2010: Bandoneon Books




My bandoneon books ar a special sort of concertina or accordion books. They are both gift and wrapping in one piece - the ribbon to make a bow is part of the book.
And of course they are completely handmade.

The very, very special thing about these bandoneon books is: every single one of them, no matter what size they are, has got its secret pocket! The wee ones will host in their pocket a voucher or a banknote, one size up there is a pocket just the size a CD-ROM or DVD needs to hide, and the large ones leave it even more to your choice.
Thus, bandoneon books are the perfect way to make your music, your fotos, your memories of that very special moment or holiday a wonderful and individually designed gift.

All pages are made from strong good quality paper and can be designed freely suiting your ideas and needs: with handwriting or calligraphy, with collage, with drawings and paintings, you can stick in fotos or dried flowers - be inspired!

... you can create a picture book for your children or a wedding book for your best friend  ...

... you can use it as an individually designed voucher for a concert ticket or for a trip to anywhere nice ...



Bandoneon Book with Cover Made from Fabric

A wide variety of fabrics is being used for these books: african batik, elegant corduroy, classic Paisley, and many more. Each of these bandoneon books is unique in its combination of fabric, ribbon and papers inside and is signed by the artist. All 20 pages can be designed freely. Size 21x21 cm.





CD/DVD-Bandoneon Books

Just fitting one of these very special disks carrying your music, your fotos, your video of that journey, wedding or jubelee ...

You can freely design all 16 pages, the ribbon to make that wonderful bow also secures the disk in its pocket. Covers are being made from selected papers from Asia or Italy or even handmade decorated papers. Size 14x14 cm.

... mit Fotos von Ausflug, Hochzeit, Jubil„um, Enkeln oder mit einem selbstgefilmten Video. Die sch”nsten Fotos finden als Ausdrucke Platz auf den Leporelloseiten zusammen mit Kommentaren oder lieben Gráen, die DVD steckt im Fach im vorderen Deckel ...

... put on the DVD images of a journey, your wedding, the grandchildren or a video you produced. Print out the best of the photos and glue them on to the pages, put down some notes and greetings, push the DVD in the front cover's pocket ...

... close the book, tie the bow - there you are!




The wee little ones - if your gift is a banknote or a voucher for this special occasion: be it the new driving licence, an invitation to the cinema or a candlelight-dinner. You can design freely all 12 or 16 pages, the secret pocket is located in the front cover and closes with a flap. With ribbon for a bow. Size 8 x 8 cm.

The covers for these four little books have been made from marbled papers made by Victoria Hall from Norwich.

There is that special blue or pink book for the new born baby.

Of course there are books with a cover from the classic Italian (Florentine) papers.



Vertical Bandoneon Book with cover from Fabric

These Books are made to take in sheets up to the size of A4 (21x29,8 cm). The book's size is 24x33 cm. There are 20 pages to be designed freely, the cover is made from fabric and each book is a signed one-off.



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