Season 2008: The Rose






Poetical Books of Roses

This is a very special sort of book: neither completely blank, nor completed filled. Seven or nine of the more than 100 pages have been printed the rest of the pages have been left blank. They are a very special gift for a loving couple at their wedding or for any rose lover.

All poems in the books are roses' poems of known writers such as Heine, H”lderlin, Lenau or Storm. Each poem comes in its very special typography. There are seven poems in the portrait format books and nine poems each in the square and landscape format books.

There are alltogether 20 one-offs in three different sizes. portrait, square and landscape format.

Portrait Format.

Each book comes with more than 100 pages and 7 poems. Covers have been made from fabric like Lausitz Linen or Italian Damasc. Only 11 one-offs habe been made this size.

Square Format

Each book comes with more than 100 pages and 9 poems. Covers have been made from fabric like English Flower Linen or Damasc. Only 6 one-offs habe been made this size. There is a little cello bag with dried roses' petals fixed to the inside of the front cover.

The Large Landscape Format

These books are more than 40 cm (over 16 inch) wide and only 3 one-offs have been made this size. Each book comes with 9 poems and 88 fullsize pages plus 18 pages of half the books width. Covers have been made from fabric with very special dessins.



Collectingbooks "Roses"

To collect thoughts, photos, sketches, pictures, postcards, ideas, traveller's memories, recipies, moments, poems, aphorisms, dried flowers, news from a roses' garden ...

There are only 20 one-offs of these books all of which have covers made from rose fabric ...

... each book comes with 160 pages and 3 tipped in bags to keep dried leaves in.

The book you can use for writing, drawing, painting, sketching with pencil or ink, sticking in postcards and the like.

The book is sewn by hand with sewn in spacing strips that make it possible to stick in cards and any farely flat item. Portrait format of approx. 18x25 cm.

Every book is made completely by hand. A wooden box can be ordered with the book.



Aphorism Book Series 'Rose'

Each book is a one-off signed by the artist. Additionally you can order a wooden box with sliding lid for your book.

The series comprises of 20 one-offs each signed by the artist.

A rose poem is printed on page 3 handcomposed from metal type. The poem has been written by Angelus Silesius and praises the rose for its beauty and humility.





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