To collect thoughts, photos, sketches, pictures, postcards, ideas, traveller's memories, recipies, moments, poems, aphorisms, dried flowers ...


Each book is a unique compilation of cover, ribbon page marker, headband and endpaper. It is a one-off signed by the artist.

Every book is made completely by hand. A wooden box can be ordered with the book.

SBRos-1 - Apricot Roses

SBRos-2 - Golden Roses - sold out

SBRos-3 - Roses on White - sold out

SBRos-4 - Classic Roses - sold out

SBRos-5 - Roses on Yellow

SBRos-6 - Roses and Tulips

SBRos-7 Colourful Roses


SBRos-8 - Yellow Roses

SBRos-9 - Pink Roses on Grey - sold out

SBRos-10 - White Roses on Blue

SBRos-11 - Blue Roses

SBRos-12 - English Roses on Blue - sold out

SBRos-13 - Decent Roses - sold out

SBRos-14 - Yellow Rosetendrils

SBRos-15 - Roses and Doves

SBRos-16 - Old School's Roses - sold out

SBRos-17 - Roses on Grey

SBRos-18 - Red Roses

SBRos-19 - Roses in Red

sold out

SBRos-20 - Rose Stripes

Wooden box available on request.

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