"Mixed Motives"

To collect thoughts, photos, sketches, pictures, postcards, ideas, traveller's memories, recipies, moments, poems, aphorisms, dried flowers ...

The visitors' book, diary, jubilee book, wedding book, traveller's book ...

The book you can use for writing, drawing, painting, sketching with pencil or ink, sticking in postcards and the like.

The book is sewn by hand with sewn in spacing strips that make it possible to stick in cards and any farely flat item. Portrait format of approx. 18x25 cm.

Each book is a unique compilation of cover, ribbon page marker, headband and endpaper. It is a one-off signed by the artist.



Instruments cubic yellow

*book sold - fabric on stock

Instruments cubic red

*book sold - fabric on stock

Cello and Horn

sold out

Chamber Music

f*book sold - fabric on stock

Instruments with Harp

*book sold - fabric on stock


Euro 44.00 plus shipping

Wooden box available on request.

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