Jeans Patches

Checked orange

Checked lightblue

Lumberjack's blue-green





Flowerbunches on Flannel

Checked turquois-red

Checked yellow-blue

Checked with spikes embroidered





African Handbatik:
Orange-Purple Checked

African Handbatik:
Yellow blue-black Checked

Checked green linen

Lumberjack's bordeaux





Checked Bears

Britannia (Wool)

Rainbow Elephants

Lime checked







Pink Hearts

Pink Butterflies







Vertical Stripes




Biedermaier Roses

Ornamted Stripes

Elephant's Parade

Travelling in Former Times





Beach Chair Stripes yellow-red

Beach Chair Stripes yellow-blue

Beach Chair Stripes multi-colour

Hieroglyph Stripes





Spices' Colours

Stripes black-red-silver


Chamber Music





Geometrical Ornaments

Rabbits on Stripes

Roses' Stripes on darkgreen

Roses' stripes on bordeaux(Flannel)





Delft Blue

White Butterfly on Turquois

White Butterfly on Bordeaux

Blossoming Stripes Golden





Triangle Stripes Vintage

Leaves in Stripes Vintage

Olivetree Branches

Stripes and Spikes Vintage






Rhombus grey&blue Vintage

Vintage Flowerstripes











Horizontal Stripes





Golden Floral Stripes

Gobellin of Roses

Rhombus Stripes (not suited for small sizes)

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