Precious Roses

White Roses golden

Roses 'n Stars

Classic Roses





Hedge Roses

Golden Roses (sold out)

Roses on White (sold out)

Colorful Roses (sold out)







Beige Roses

Yellow Roses

Apricot Roses





Roses' Stripes on darkgreen (sold out)

Roses' stripes on bordeaux(Flannel)

Gobellin of Roses

Roses Stripes





White Roses on Blue

Blue Roses

English Roses on Blue

Blue Rosetwigs





Rosenbouquets Red

Rosenbouquets Darkgreen (sold out)

Champagne Roses

Roses on Grey





Pink Roses on Grey

Dark Roses

Darkgreen Roses

Old School's Roses





Decent Roses' Twigs

Yellow Rosetendrils

Decent Roses

Roses and Doves






Roses on bordeaux (sold out)

Old Wallpaper Roses

Roses black&white





Big Roses apricot

Roses' Djungle

Roses' abundance

Groe rote Rosen





Water Lilies

Daffodil Forest

White blossoms on Yellow

Roses on Grey






Grey Leaves Embroidered

White Leaves on Red

Flowery Watercolours orange







Faint Blossoms

Purple Vetch

Vintage Spikes





Golden Floral Stripes


Grey Peonies







Floral Branches Rusty Red

Old Masters' Flowers

Flowers on Green






Carnation Stripes

Carnation Rhombs

Leaves Woodcut Style Vintage

Oakleaves Golden&Turquoise








Flowers silver-blue








Autumn's Trees orange

Autumn's Trees red

Wintery Forest

Spotted Autumn's Leaves






Rosy Lady

Autumnal Butterflies

Butterflies and Flowers











Wee Blue Flowers

Little Roses on Red









Antique Flowery Ornaments, blue

Antique Flowery Ornaments, beige







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